24 Years Eurodoll

This event in her special kind is different of the usual ones. With the firt event 1990 ground- breaking accents were put. The annual words of many experts of the dolls and teddy bear branch call. The event one of the best of her kind. Noeadays is not to be imaginedas not axisting EURODOLL any more in the scene. We had the aim to create a fair competition fpr the dolls and teddy bear doers.


The big choice of the competitive categories and the yearly changing of special subjects made the EURODOLL-participants became motivated to, in the world to unique creative achievements

A big number of today world-famous doll doers started their way by winning the EURODOLL. Their success attracted the attention of galleries and famous companies, which took over the worldwide marketing.


Gala evening with presentation af awardsThe first winner of the EURODOLL 1990

A parallel example is the reproduction of antique dolls. The interest of producing such pieces was given to many porspective customers on the basis of courses. The production of dolls by hobby producers is much more detailed and of special beauty, so that the manufactures of dolls are defeated. The visitors of the EURODOLL will be informed detailed.


Reproduktion antiker französischer Porzellanpuppen von Claudia FinkEine Puppenszene des unvergessenen Peter LangeEurodoll Gewinnerin (Portrait) Hiltrud Schwing
Eurodoll Gewinnerin Larissa PuchingerEurodoll Artshow Wettbewerb Gabriele Bothen-HackWettbewerb Portrait nach Vorlage von Ingrid Grabher
Eurodoll Gewinnerin Heidi PlusczokEurodoll Gewinnerin Angela Sutter


On the EURODOLL events, numerous famous doll artists, galleries and manufactures are presenting themselves, showing some of their nicest pieces, while at the connected sales market, as well as in the fair area, a big choice of exclusive objects are offered, as well as accessories and tools for handicraft. The visitors have the choice between a unique piece and a limited edition, which are produced by the artists completely themselves.


Der größte Wettbewerb von der Firma SIGIKITKäthe Kruse begeisterte das Publikum mit einer musikalischen Show exclusiver Kindermoden


These unique pieces have of course their own price. Not seldom these copies cost up to 5.000,- if not even more. To reduce the buying price, customers can buy pieces which are produced by special companies in higher quantities. But also these editions are mostly limited. If you compare this with picturesque art: The original is often prohibitive, while the reproduced works are to be acquired more reasonably.

Wettbewerbspuppe "Sissi" von Brigitte RitschWettbewerbspuppe "Michael Jackson" von Gabriela
Galaabend - Finale mit den German TenorsKunwar Simon, Dirigent Herbert Siebert u. Klaus SeibelTorsten Kressig und Kunwar Simon
Dagmar Koller als StargastPIC als Gast vom Circus RoncalliKarel Gott und Kunwar Simon
Die "Spaßvögel" PICOBELLOÜber Bauchredner Jörg Jara lachte das Publikum TränenHerr Junginger von der Firma Steiff bei der Preisverleihung
Jo Hans Müller von "Radio Bremen"Die Firma "Steiff" präsentierte sich mit Bären und der Gruppe der "Bremer Stadtmusikanten"Das Fernsehen dabei

HILDEGARD WEGNER wurde für Ihre außergewöhnlichen Arbeiten mit dem EURODOLL WORLD AWARD ausgezeichnet